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Mercy Nature Cure & Yoga Center

Chengalam P.O., Ponkunnam

Kottyam, Kerala

India, Pin- 686585

Phone:  +91 4812704226

              +91 8078489904
              +91 7406324584
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Hi everyone,

As we all know there is a beautiful nature care naturopathy institute in kottayam, chengalam. We like to give some information about this nature care center for people who are willing to come


Do and Don’t :


  1. Minimum days of treatment is 12 days but the treatment extends depending on patient condition and this can be decided only after the consultation.
  2. Things to bring:  a) 3-4 bath towels b) 1 long thick turkey towel c) one flask d) Walking shoes d) Yoga dress e) 3-4 nighties/personal items.
  3. As we are having a natural way of treatment there will not be any coffee or tea. Caution: there will be a withdrawal symptoms in our body when we stop tea or coffee for first time - headache, nausea, tired, sleepless etc in naturopathy we as these symptoms as healing crisis 
  4. If you need any further information about the treatment and enquiry please contact- 04812704226, 7406324584

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