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Mercy Nature Cure & Yoga Center

Mercy Nature Cure & Yoga Center is one of the most renowned Naturopathy hospitals in Kerala, India since 1983.

Thousands of patients are getting healed from here every year.

You are most welcome to rejuvenate both your mind and body through various naturopathy treatment processes and yoga.

We offer a disease-specific treatment routine that is free from drugs/medicines through a combination of interrelated, independent holistic systems – Naturopathy, Yoga, Diet therapy, Acupuncture, and other physiotherapies. More details

Our doctor prescribes treatments to the patients after a thorough daily assessment of their medical conditions. The treatment protocol will include a planned diet, exercise, and lifestyle modification guidelines. 

The approach is holistic, aims at complete healing, and teaches how to prevent recurrence and maintain good health throughout life.

Kindly Take Note: 

  1. The minimum days of treatment is 14 days. 
  2. Caution during the Healing Crisis: There will be withdrawal symptioms in our Body; Tiredness, headache, nausea, drowsy and sleeplessness. 
  3. Bring along with your personal items the following:
    •   -  3 or 4 Thin Bath Towels
    •   -  1 Long Thick Trukish Towel 
    •   -  1 Hot Flask
    •   -   Walking Shoe & Sports Wear
    •   -   Yoga Dress
    •   -   Extra items for your needs
    •   -   3-4 Nighties for Ladies
  4. Personal calls and Data: use Jio Sim
  5. No one is allowed to go out of the premises without prior permision except during exercise/walk.

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   Reception:    +91 4812704226

Administrator: +91 9744739967

         Doctor:   +91 8078489904


                         +91 7406324584
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Mercy Nature Cure & Yoga Center

Chengalam P.O., Ponkunnam

Kottyam, Kerala

India, Pin- 686585

Reception:   +91 4812704226

Administrator: +91 9744739967

Doctor:+91 8078489904

   +91 7406324584

Email :

WhatsApp: +91 8078489904

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